With a family tradition in music, Andrea began his piano studies at 6. Then he studied Percussions and played also guitar, double bass, electric bass, vibraphone, drums. Recipient of a scholarship at Corso di Alta Qualificazione Professionale di Jazz (E.U., Siena Jazz) he got his Master’s degree in Jazz (110 cum laude) with his dissertation published by ETS. His “polyedric and eclectical” style (Musica Jazz) is inspired by different styles, with also a focus on Third Stream; his respect for all kind of good music comes from his various early musical experiences. He performed and taught Master Classes in Italy, Holland, England, Lithuania, Latvia, Slovakia, Denmark, Austria, France, Switzerland, Germany, Finland, Australia, in more than 25 years of activity.


Bruno Tommaso (Duo in the show “In A Simmenthal Mood”; in “The Man From The Moon”; concerts with pieces by Mingus; Cd “Original Soundtrack for Charles & Mary” about Gesualdo da Venosa), Paul McCandless (Duo, Ainulindale Ensemble, Cd “Middle Earth”, Cd “West Coast” with Marco Cattani), Tino Tracanna (Cd “Progetto Macchiaioli”; Cd “Modigliani”; Duo), Paolo Fresu (Cd “Things Left Behind” Iridescente Ensemble – C.Riggio), Pino Minafra (“The Man From The Moon” and with Orch. Atipica “Group_one”), Arnoldo Foà and Massimo Manzi, Sylvain Clavier, Vittorio Silvestri, Eric Bretheau, Edoardo Marraffa, Roberto Bellatalla, Stefano “Steve” Lunardi, Michel Altier, Beppe Caruso, Vittorio Marinoni, Emanuele Cisi, Vincent Calmettes, Pascal Salè, Stefano Agostini, Jamie Moses (The Pretenders), Irene Grandi (Duo), Bobo Rondelli (Duo), Cristina Donà, Tommy Varjola, Mirko Guerrini, Giampaolo Casati, Ares Tavolazzi, Fulvio Sisti, Fabio Morgera, Vjtautas Labutis, Eugenijus Kanevicius, Rob Burke, Stefano Saccon, Marcel Papaux, Baenz Oester, Juraj Šušaník, Pavol Kušík, Jordan Murray, Niko Schauble, The Tramps.

A very well known teacher “a landmark for young musicians in the area” (M.Raia) he has been Director of the Music School G. Bonamici in Pisa (500 students, 40 teachers) bringing the institution on the international circuit without any external fundings. He also taught at Istituto Superiore Pietro Mascagni. Many musicians of today have been his students: Giulio Carmassi (Pat Metheny Quintet), Tommaso Novi (Gatti Mezzi) and so on.

He is a member of the Consiglio Direttivo AidSM (Italian Association of Music School) and Italian representative at EMU European Music School Union/International Music Council UNESCO, the only jazz player among European delegates. He has been President of the historical Banda Città di Livorno.

Andrea published around 100 interviews, analysis, reviews and 2 books (“Livorno dalla musica americana al Jazz” with Maurizio Mini, Erasmo 2013, and “Mirabolanti avventure di un jazzista”, Erasmo 2014).

Current activities:

With Bruno Tommaso Jazz Workshop, music by B.Tommaso on Gesualdo da Venosa.

With Paul McCandless: Quintet; Quartet; Duo; Ensemble Ainulindale; Paul McCandless Symphony Project; “West Coast” sextet.

With Tino Tracanna: Duo; Macchiaioli and Modigliani project with Quintetto di Livorno.

Several projects with his daughter Chiara Pellegrini (jazz singer, songwriter, arranger), with his son Francesco Pellegrini (poet, songwriter, bassoonist, guitarist), with the songwriter Guido Ciavola and a cello quartet, with actors Claudio Monteleone and Giovanni Balzaretti.

Discography (partial):

– “Modigliani”. Tino Tracanna, Quintetto di Livorno, Erasmo 2014

– ‘Middle Earth‘ Ainulindale with Paul McCandless, Symphonia Bluesmiles 2000

– ‘Progetto Macchiaioli‘ Quintetto di Livorno with Tino Tracanna, Vinile 2008

– ‘Disordini al Confine‘ Orchestra Atipica Jazz Bonamici ‘Group-One’ NJI2002, Materiali Sonori

– ‘Interferenze‘ Orchestra Atipica Jazz Bonamici ‘Group-One’ NJI 2003

– ‘Malcontenta e altre storie‘ Orch. Atipica Jazz Bonamici ‘Group-One’ Barga Jazz, NJI 2005

– ‘Things Left Behind” Iridescente Ensemble, P.Fresu; Symphonia Bluesmiles 1998 ‘Sorvoli‘, music by Marco Cattani, poems by Mauro Lovi, Renzia D’Incà. Lapsus 2001 Materiali Sonori, p.

– ‘Emma e il martedì‘ by Nino Pellegrini, duo; Studio Vinile, Livorno 2009

– ‘Palermo Citta’ d’Arte’, Extramedia 1997, Brunelleschi Quartet (ob, vl, vla, vc)