Clazz International Music Festival
July 19 - August 5, 2019
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Applications are open online until all student positions are filled!
Payment Information

Price in US dollars (July 19 – August 5, 2019):

Student Single Room: $3,150

Student Shared Room: $2,750

Guest / Non-student Single Room: $2,150

Guest / Non-student Shared Room: $1,750



All fees (see deadlines and due dates below) can be sent securely through our PayPal instructions via email. Once you submit the application, you will be emailed with instructions of how to complete payments through PayPal if you wish to use this method.


If you prefer to mail payments, you can send us your payments via check at:

Clazz International Music Festival
3207 Halliday Ave, #2W
Saint Louis, MO 63118

Checks should be made out to Clazz LLC.

Application deadlines:

– Early Bird Application and Scholarship Consideration: Apply by February 15th 2019 to be eligible for any potential merit or financial aid scholarship awards with no application fee.

– Late applications are still being accepted with a $50 application fee added to your total price.

Payment deadlines:

-a $200 first payment security deposit is due 10 days after acceptance to the festival.
-If applying after February 15th a $250 (with added late application fee) first payment security deposit is due 10 days after acceptance to the festival.
-Tuition must be paid in full by June 19th, 2019. Tuition payment plans can be arranged between you and the festival management.

Cancellation Policy

If you cancel before April 30, 2019, you will receive a full refund of your payments excluding the initial $50 application fee. After April 30th, refunds will be determined on a situational case-to-case basis.


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